Support/ Backing up Liberate data

Backing up your Liberate data



You can export one or many jobs using the internal Export function (see Import and Export Jobs in a separate document or below. 


You can backup the Datafiles automatically only with the Personal edition. See the online video help file on the support website.

You should backup the Datafiles manually with the Multi-user edition. See instructions below.


Export Jobs        

This procedure is contained in a separate document. The procedure exports all Jobs from a folder.

Exporting your Jobs

All Jobs on the system but folder structure is ignored, and all exported jobs are in a single file.

No information is deleted from the source PC. The exported jobs still remain on the source PC.

Import Jobs       

The Jobs in the export file are imported to a user selected folder within Liberate Estimating on the destination PC

Existing Jobs with the same name will not be overwritten. They will appear as duplicates with date imported in the grid notes.

If the Library on the Source PC is different to the Library on the destination PC, then a warning is issued that the resources are not found or may update to different values than those on the source PC.


Separate notes detail this in the Export and Import help notes.

Data file structure

All data is contained in two folders called Jobs and Library.

The Personal edition data is in a prescribed location.

The Multi-user data is in user selected location.

Liberate should be fully exited by all users when backing up your data files.

Data file Locations

Personal Edition -C:\Users\user_name\Appdata\Roaming\Liberate\Liberate PE\

Multi- User edition – User selected.

Locating your databases

If you are not sure where your databases are you can view this via Help/About and then the i button on that page.

There is additionally an editable file called Libr8.ini which controls the path of the multi-user database in the above Roaming folder

Database path info  link  video     


Copy the database folders Jobs and Library and store them in a secure location off your PC.

Purchase a backup program that performs backups of your databases. We recommend Handy backup which at the time of writing this helpfile is $39 (US)

This will do timed backups of your databases and store them in a location of your choice.


Ensure that all files in both Jobs and Library databases are always backed up as a full set with all users exited from Liberate