what does it costs

Liberate Estimating Software comes in various Licensing options, see details below.

Prices for Multi-user and personal editions
Permanent Licences 
1st Copy 975.00
2nd Copy 926.25
3rd Copy 879.94
4th Copy 835.94
5th Copy 794.14
6th Copy 754.44
7th Copy 716.71
8th Copy 680.88
9th Copy 646.83
10th Copy 614.49
11th Copy onwards 500.00
Terminal server licences for simultaneous network use 3,5,8 or 11+
Please request full breakdowns
Lowest value licence fee purchased as above-  Plus  500.00
Maintenance Charge from the 3rd year after purchase  only
for bug fixes and general maintenance issues + free annual upgrades within the version
For single users: per annum 150.00
For Organisations with Multiple Licences 
Per annum Per organisation
2 – 5 licences 175.00
3- 5 Licences 350.00
5 – 10 Licences 450.00
11 + licences:- 550.00
Upgrade to Version 5 included – On release
Administration Version for Reports Libraries and general Admin only 35.00
Re-issue of licence for lost computers or hard disk failures (where a licence must be cancelled) 35.00
Re-issue of licence for new Pc’s (old licence transferred) no charge