Working with Liberate

how liberate works

Build up a task once – you never have to do it again. Save it for using in future estimates

Build a task for a job

Create the line item for the Job (or import from electronic documents)

Add a description.

Add a Quantity, and a Unit

Add the material (from the Library or simply type them in).

Add the labour description and hours.

Add the Machinery (Plant)  (from the Library or simply type them in).

Add Subcontractor elements for the task.

Save the built up Item to the Items Library.

You will never have to calculate this again.

In 20 years’ time the build-up is relevant

As the prices in your resources Material Labour Plant and Subcontractors change the Item updates so that even in 20 years’ time the build-up is relevant

You just change the values of Material Labour Machinery or Sub-contract resources of the item in their individual libraries and the Items that use those resources update all new jobs and update existing Jobs only if you want it to  – Job by Job

You will never have to calculate this again.

why liberate

Liberate tells you what your job will cost you to build so you can win more jobs and make more money.

Liberate is for accurate pricing

Whether your job is won by tender or your own Design and build, Liberate Estimating systems guides you and manages the process of pricing every single task in your project.

It promotes order to you thinking.

It lays out your pricing which professionalises you when compared to your competitors.

It produces accurate costs, buying and management reports for the project.

Our users love it ...

Your client immediately sees that you are a professional Landscape contractor ( Liberate is also a superb tool for any other specialist trades)

Whether you are tendering. Pricing quoting or managing a project Liberate makes the tedious process of estimating accurate and efficient

Our users love it and with a 90 day trial in which you can make your money before you commit to purchase its probably an offer that you should not resist. Try it now from the Downloads link